Struggling with assignments or your dissertation?

Doing numerous assignments in a foreign language can be challenging.

University life is fun, exhilarating, exciting, challenging and miserable all at the same time. Where does the misery come from? If you are a university student, you know how assignments pile up all at once. Doing them all at the same time is challenging in and of itself, but if it is in a foreign language, it makes it even more challenging. The goal then becomes survival as opposed to excelling. Red bull and Starbucks can keep us up all night, but they cannot ensure we submit assignments and more importantly high quality assignments. This harms your health, body and well-being, without even the fruits of a high grade.

Our Courses

  • Research & Academic Writing

    This course has 9 essential modules for the university student. It will allow you to research, evaluate sources, reference accurately and write high quality essays fit for academia.

  • Dissertation Writing

    This course is essential for students who want to learn how to write a dissertation. It will cover the essentials including choosing a topic, researching for it and writing the different chapters.

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What you will learn

Here is a list of benefits you attain by completing our courses

  • The ability to research like experts: find and evaluate sources for your work

  • The ability to write a distinction level dissertation from introduction to conclusion

  • The ability to write the relevant chapters:Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings, Conclusions, Discussion & Future Considerations.

  • The ability to write top quality assignments and essays

  • The ability to reference your sources accurately

  • The ability to become efficient readers: read more in less time

  • The ability to paraphrase, summarise and synthesise sources

  • The ability to avoid plagiarism

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The supplementary features that will enhance the overall learning experience for you

  • Downloadable resources

    You will have access to resources that will support the main video lessons and enhance your experience. These include checklists, worksheets, PDF guides and extra practice exercises.

  • 30 min 1-on-1 tutorial

    You will get a 30 minute tutorial with the tutor. This will be a great opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding the material and clarify whatever you feel needs clarifying.

  • Discount

    You will receive an exclusive discount on our academic support package. It includes proofreading your assignments, monthly 1-on-1s, monthly open Q&As, access to private student + tutor group.

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What others have said:

Chelsea (1)

King's College London

I feel very lucky to be one of Abdullaah's students. Frankly speaking, before his class, I am very afraid of speaking English for fear of making mistakes. I tried to take IELTS exams 6 times, but all my scores were terrible. In his class, the first thing that made me feel different was his patience and gentleness. He encouraged us to speak English and helped us to correct mistakes step by step. This is very important to me personally. His attitude made me not afraid of being criticized for making mistakes. Compared to the other lecturers, I think not only me, many students in whole language term preferred to take his class. We got more confidence from him on learning English. As for the teaching content, although he looks serious, he is very humorous. He will bring English into real life rather than dealing with the further examinations.

Chelsea (2)

King's College London

I believe that the reason why many students like his class is he taught us to use English in real life but not a simple score to judge the quality of Personal English learning. As for assignments, he reviewed every word we wrote, and made comments for us. Also, he told us how to use it well. It improved my writing ability very fast. Under your guidance, I began to take the initiative to think about which words will make my writting better. I really appreciate it was him to teach me English when I first arrived in the UK. In a foreign country, it's my luck to meet such a warm lecturer as him. It's also a good start for me. I really want to say thank you all the time. At the end of my postgraduate course, I got a merit degree, and now I have successfully entered Big Four “Ernst & Young”. Thank you again for your help and hope your future development will be better and better.

Huicong Yi

Cranfield University

From my experience studying with Abdullaah, I would say that he's really helpful, especially when I just moved to the UK and had many assignments to do for my MSc courses. I got comments and guidance for academic writing from him and he was always patient! In the end I achieved a distinction.

Yuan Mengran

De Montfort University

I want to thank Abdullaah for his education. Thank you for appearing in the summer of our lives. He is the most patient bearded man I have ever met. Thank you for your kindness to warm us, thank you for your encouragement. It is him who taught us to believe in ourselves. I still remember that in the first week, everyone was not confident in their oral English, only words and no complete sentences. It is his persistence that makes us who we are today. Today we can try to believe in our oral English to talk or communicate with him. Thank you for your persistence, whether it's the advice note in the box or the weekly personal talk. He cut down a lot of what he has to say and given us more time to speak by ourself. Thank you for believing in us. I really feel our progress, our confidence today, he insisted yesterday. Thank you for all your persistence! I am really happy to meet you. Being your student is an honour!

Zhenchen Wang

King's College London

I thank Abdullaah for teaching us how to write essays and the dissertation (I achieved a distinction!). Our class had a 100% pass rate! I was a student at King's College London. At the beginning, I struggled with the structure of essays and grammar. Abdullaah helped me a lot with the structure and way to show my opinions by comparing the arguments and disagreements. Furthermore, he showed me helped me with my grammar and academic language. Finally, I passed the test with high marks. Also, with the improved writing skills, I successfully finished my dissertation successfully with a distinction degree, and I found the dissertation was easier with clear structure and appropriate references.

Saranya Thongpum

Cranfield University

I think the course was a big impact on me since it helped me to improve my English skills and made the journey at Cranfield much easier. Also, for my final grade I got a distinction.

Li Zhixuan

De Montfort University

Abdullaah is really the best teacher I've ever met. I'm honoured to be his student. Thank you for teaching us knowledge in these three months. I will miss him, because he is the best and cutest bearded teacher.

Anqi Tong

King's College London

I appreciate his patience and excellent teaching!!! I have learnt a lot of writing skills from him. Thank you so much!

Ruyon Xiong

King's College London

What I benefited from it can be concluded as three, the first is how to write a paper, how to quote and how to arrange the arguments. This is very important for the improvement of the logical ability of writing, and also helps my dissertation. The second is to help improve the communication ability by arranging the discussion on social hot spots, not as usual or very conventional topics in Chinese book. The third is offering me a relaxed language learning environment, which can get rid of the embarrassment and communicated with you bravely.



Abdullaah Ali

He is a British born English language lecturer with an MA in Applied Linguistics in which, he achieved an A grade for teaching. He has been teaching at the highest level since 2011 and in illustrious universities including King's College London, Cranfield University, Bloomsbury Institute and De Montfort University. He has also delivered numerous lectures to 300+ audiences.

What is the value of this course?

Let's have a look at what this course will cost at some major universities.

  • £5,950 at King's College London

  • £6,650 at University College London

  • £4150 at University of Manchester

What are our fees?

Our prices are ridiculously lower than the above. Plus you can save 50% on each course if you sign up now!

50% off the regular price until launch date

Research & Academic Writing

Dissertation Writing

Is it too expensive?

Let's have a look at what this course is cheaper than. This is assuming we divide the total cost by the hours needed to complete.

  • Fish and chips for you and your friend

  • Two bubble teas at Coco London

  • 1/5 of a monthly iPhone bill

  • 1/5 of a football t-shirt

  • 1/3 of a London day travel card


  • Are the lessons live?

    No, the lessons are pre-recorded allowing you to work on them on your own time. Do the classes when you want, where you want!

  • Will we be able to speak to the tutor?

    There will be one 30 minute tutorial included in the package. You can ask questions and clarify anything you want in this session.

  • How long will it take to complete?

    The primary video lessons are short 10-20 minute lessons. Then there are some supplementary material, which are optional.

  • Are there any refunds?

    14 days. If you decide this course is not for you, you will be refunded in full, no questions asked.

What others have said:

Yunman Zhou

Cranfield University

I am really thankful the course for my further academic development. This course teach me the structure of academic writing and practice my critical thinking skill, which lay a good foundation for my professional assignments and thesis in Cranfield.


King's College London

I really enjoy every minute of this course with you, the logic of the course is very strong, there were a lot of opportunities to practice and apply what you have learned. It is particularly effective for my English learning, such as the literariness of the language, the argument for writing the paper, the structure of the essay, the dialectical method, the teacher is very patient, you can ask any questions at any time. It was a great learning experience.

Hong Jinyu

Cranfield University

I want to thank Abdullaah, he made me think I can learn well, he gave me confidence. He is the best teacher in the world!

Tianjing Deng

King's College London

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the help offered. From day one, I have enjoyed each and every class of his because of the vivid and interesting teaching style. I really appreciate the way in which he helped me to write the essay. He also made some good suggestions. I thank you for the wonderful work you have done!


King's College London

Thank you very much for working hard for us. Thank you for being a great tutor!

Tan Haoyuan

King's College London

It was a real pleasure being one of your students!


King's College London

You were such an inspiring person for me. I think I couldn't ask for a better teacher.


King's College London

Thank you for everything for these past weeks. It was great having you as our teacher!


King's College London

You are such an inspiration for me during these five weeks and I'm really grateful to have you as my tutor!


King's College London

It is so fortunate for us to have you be our tutor. The pre-sessional course with you was such a wonderful memory.

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